Pilot actions on transport and accessibility

-Develop a business case for dynamic scheduling and incentivizing strategies, linking knowledge institutes with business and regional government to a powerful cluster of shared knowledge, innovative tools and best practice on sustainable transport

-Pilot actions to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of shared expert knowledge within a transnational partnership and with various cross-border and cross-sectoral stakeholders

Cooperation between beneficiaries

Pilot actions will take place in each participating region based on the improved algorithms of the IT platform. The aim ofWP5 is to test and evaluate the newly developed tools on a broad scale. The organisational model of ITRACT for testing new transport concepts will be extended to include the smart interaction of various transport services based on improved algorithms. For example home care services in combination with laboratory and/or mobile library or shopping services. The SMiNT pilots will play a specific role in the series oftransnational workshops on best practice of smart transport services to be run in ITRACT. To promote new technologies for transport and accessibility diverse stakeholders will participate to strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation.

Local and regional authorities will play an important role in this.

1. Activity Package Pilot actions on transport and accessibility

Real-life Testing of the concepts in the area of public and freight transport


Organization model for testing the smart interaction between various transport services in all regions based on the already developed organisational model of ITRACT

I m pacts

Effective testing and training model to be used in all participating regions

2 Activity Package Pilot actions on transport and accesslblllty

Develop applications based on improved algorithms for testing and training smart interactive transport concepts


New applications for testing purposes and training courses on new service concepts

I m pacts

Effective testing and training applications to be used in all participating regions

3 Activity Package Pilot actions on transport and accessibility

Run pilot actions in all regions, co-ordination and monitoring of pilot actions E.g. a pilot for alternatives to bridge the distance from ordering products, or getting a medicine prescription of a doctor, to actual receival of the item by the involved individual. Application of the developed algorithms and IT structure to make the design economically feasible as well as achieve good coverage


Pilot actions in all regions to be monitored and evaluated carefully to enable conclusions forfurtherstrategydevelopment. Shared expertise on improved algorithms, IT structure and business development in remote areas.

I m pacts

Proof of eo nee pt through regional pilots with healthcare related items. Better accessibility to essential products far elderly and other residents with a lower mobility in the North-sea region. Overwiew of results from all the partner regions, feed-back from users and partners to be used for improving the technologies of the transport models

4 Activity Package Pilot actions on transport and accessibility

Transnational and regional workshops on best practice oftransportservices and new technologies, including users feed back. Presentation of pilot results on Cross-border conference.


Exchange of knowledge and ideas on new solutions for transport and accessibility of regions. Comparison of best practice and feed back from users

I m pacts

Transnationally shared knowledge and best practices on new technologies for freight and passenger transport in remote areas.Acollective learning environment throughout the North Sea Region to improve transport and accessibility and foster social and economic inclusion. lnfo rmation far pol icy develap menton new transport modes and eo nne ctivity of regions to facilitate territorial integration.

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