Skipton meeting and MidTerm conference June 4-7th 2013

June 4th. Partner invitation

John Carr: Welcome to the Dales.

Theo Miljoen: WP1. Overall status since Stavanger meeting and reporting issues. Indicator feedback have to improve.

Wiboud Prins:  Next report is due 3 weeks after October 1st. 

Hugo Velthuijsen: 

Jan Frick: WP2. Status and to-does. Expect frequent requests for content to website and newsletters starting June 2013.

Niklas Johansson: WP3. Status and to-does. Business Innovation workshop in all regions due September-November 2013: Demonstration of service, Analysing thr service as a business using the nine building blocks, Design a conceptual business Model ogf the service, Formulate what to do within the project and beyond…..    

Jacob Mulder WP4. Status and to-does. Now 9 building blocks (but No8 is cancelled) Plattform is now powerful, and it is up to regions to use it.

Dirk Strijker: WP6. Status and to-does.

Julie Benra: WP5. Status and to-does. Usability test document and Organisational test document

June 6th:  Thursday Agenda

Tour to see the Dales and its transportation challenge.

Lectures about the APPS under development including demonstration of prototypes.


Lecture about Yorkshire Dales, transportation, and importance of voluntary work to enable  public access to the Dales. By Colin Speakman.

June 7th Friday Agenda

Marianne Besselink from Provice Groningen lectures about the decreasing population problem of the dutch rural areas. Government action or bottom-up citizen enablement.?


Oldambt case was presented. 45% of rural area have low internet connectivity. In the provice of Groningen this afflict 19000 families of 249000 families.

Ilse Marien from Free University of Brussels: Empowerment of Users.


Peter Radcliff, Metro: Learning from urban experiences.

34000 busstops in "YourNextBus". Real Time Information System.   450 000 web visitors a month.

Chris Gibbard, Transport Direct: What to learn from Olympics?

Peter Stoner, Traveline:  Loads of Data, how to use it?


Technology led or user led? Crowd helping?

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