Wilhelmshaven, Germany

2014 at Jade-Ems Region


Progress and Achievements in ITRACT

Information about ITRACT in general and the progress will be updated regularly on the homepage of VEJ (http://www.vej-info.de/index.php?id=110) in German language, so interested people from our region can inform themselves about ITRACT.

A first flyer in german language was created and published by the Jade University togehter with the subpartner VEJ, that can be distributed on meetings, conferences, etc.. This flyer was handed out to the stakeholders of the VEJ such as to participants at the conference “Natürlich mobil im Urlaub”.

A Facebook-page will be started soon as well in German.


The regional coordinator Jan Schütter presented ITRACT on the conference “Natürlich mobil im Urlaub”(Natural mobility in holiday) on 14th of March in Aurich with about 65 attendees from the tourism and public transport sectors such as administration departments from the whole VEJ-region. There was also a press release of the conference that mentioned ITRACT. The presentation such as pictures from the conference are distributed on the homepage of VEJ (http://www.vej-info.de/index.php?id=111).


On 25th of April there will be a conference in Hannover, where German Interreg projects will be presented. On this conference the Jade University will represent ITRACT.


Friday, 05th of April a delegation of OV-bureau Groningen/Drenthe came to Jever and Wilhelmshaven for a common meeting. The aim of the meeting was an exchange of information in the progress and development in ITRACT and in addition an exchange, which duties and responsibilities consists on both sides and how they are managed. After the first discussion at the VEJ in Jever the whole group went outside, to have a look at a few examples at the train and bus station in Jever, the main bus station and the train station in Wilhelmshaven. Afterwards there was another meeting at the Jade University, where the participants had a look at the actual activities and progress. In addition Knut Barghorn gave an introduction and example for an usibility test by the use of eyetracking.



 The region of Ems-Jade is located in Lower Saxony and borders in the South to the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the West to the Netherlands and to the East to the region of Oldenburg/Osnabrück. In the North, the North Sea forms a natural border. The region of VEJ has an area of 6.739 km² with about 960.000 inhabitants, that  corresponds to a population density of approximately 142 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The local public passenger transport (public transport) has to play an increasingly important role in dealing with the socially necessary as well as the individually desired mobility operations for ecological, economic and structural reasons. In addition to local work, regional cooperation in the organization and planning of public transport is necessary. To ensure providing the public transport attractiveness also beyond the boundaries of the district, and to promote cooperation in the interests of the region, the transport region Nahverkehr Ems-Jade was founded in the spring of 1997, headquartered in Jever. The VEJ includes the districts of Aurich, Emsland, Friesland, Leer and Wittmund such as the district-free cities of Emden and Wilhelmshaven.

The transport region Ems-Jade is crossed by bus services in a comprehensive liner network. At present, 42 companies have concessions for bus lines. Services in public transport are performed by them and other companies on their behalf. The transport network comprises 349 lines, mostly on land transport in the region, with about 4,000 stations and more than 30 million passengers carried per year. A large part of the lines, especially outside of the High-order center Wilhelmshaven and the Middle-order centers is characterized by integrated into regular school transport. Students as a whole represent the power user group in public transport in the region. There are urban public traffics in Lingen, Meppen, Norderney, Papenburg, Wilhelmshaven, Aurich, Emden and Leer. In addition to ensure the good quality of the school transport the VEJ has set itself an increase in so-called Everyman PT aims. Here it is important to bring the wishes for improvements in public transport with the financial resources in line.

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