2014 at Jade-Ems

Information from Jade-Ems Region

In May 2014 the partner meeting took place in Oldenburg which lies in the Jade-Ems region in Germany. On 21st of May was steering meeting on 22nd  and 23rd of May the partner meeting happened at the “Schlaues Haus” (Smart House) in Oldenburg. The different work packages and their deliveries have been topics during the meeting. At the afternoon of the 23rd there was also a “train the trainer” workshop to prepare every region to do their user empowerment workshops.

There was a little disturbance at the 22nd because a (fortunately not real) firealarm caused a break in the meeting. In the evening of the 22nd the participants had the opportunity to learn a little about Oldenburg at a guided tour.

Some impressions about the meeting in photographs

Break firealarm


The meeting took place at the Schlaues Haus in Oldenburg. The photos  show the participants during a break ant  the “train the trainer” Workshop for User Empowerment.



In summer 2014 the last work on the application tests in the Jade-Ems region have been done and there was a lot of effort to finish the documentation of the piloting test. The monitoring of the progress of WP5 in all regions went on, so that now almost everything is complete for the overall 41 apps of the project.


The public was informed in different ways in the Jade-Ems region: There has been published a scientific article about the project an several contacts, fairs etc. have been used to give information about ITRACT.@

ITRACT at the Hannover Fair:

In 2014 the project was presented at the Hannover Fair, the world’s largest industrial fair to the public. The photo shows the ITRACT booth.


Photo about the presentation of the project to a member of the Danish Technical University


Other PR activities:

The German Website is continuing to give information about the project in German language. The Facebook presence is also used to give information about what is happening in ITRACT. In 2014 a scientific article has been published concerning ITRACT in the Online Paper of the German Computer Science Society (GI).

During the Energiemesse in Wilhelmshaven the project was presented. The Photo shows the booth of ITRACT.

 In November there will be a team of the Jade University at the Promotie Dagen in Grongen and showing some results of the project. 

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