Groningen, The Netherlands

Kickoff at Hanze


Recently a group of new Hanze students joined the ITRACT project and on 11/2/2014 we had a kickoff meeting with them, see the attached pictures ITRACT_140211_kickoff_new_students_*. It's quite a group, the special ITRACT Students Room is filled completely. In picture 2 you can see Monique Kappert of ITRACT Extended partner Alliance Healthcare, calling in via Skype. On picture 3 on the left is Gerry Alberts of ITRACT partner Shuttledrive and in the blocked shirt is Gerlof Kuindersma, mentor of the students. The photos were taken by Jacob Mulder.

Service Innovation workshop in Groningen


On September 5th the Service Innovation Workshop (SIW) of the Netherlands region Groningen was held. A group of seven people assembled in Veenhuizen, near the city of Assen, to generate service ideas for (public) transport in East Groningen. These service ideas should be solutions to the travel challenges of two personas, Greetje and Egbert. These two persona’s represent the target group, i.e. the elderly people in the region. During the day 14 ideas were created and described on Idea Cards. They ranged from a simple addition to the OV-chipcard to a complex map with all kind of functionalities and extra’s.


After the SIW the Idea Cards were divided in four groups. One group of ideas had to be dismissed, because they fell outside de scope and field of influence of the project.  For the remaining ideas User Scenarios were written. This resulted in three clusters of ideas, holding 15 user scenarios. From all the available ideas four ideas were prioritized during the November meeting in Stavanger and they will be described in further detail and in a format that can be used by ICT and Media students of the Hanze University to develop prototypes that can be tested.




Shuttle Drive

Shuttle Drive is a ridesharing system that would like to develop a mobile app that could run as a pilot in ITRACT. One of the functions could be extending the services of public transport  with private transport and other transport. This app is already partly implemented via  student assignments  from the Hanze University. It will be added to the list of prioritized ideas from the Service Innovation Workshop.




NOVO, possible partner in pilots

Novo is an organization providing care for people with intellectual disabilities. They would like to participate in one of the pilots in East Groningen, since they have transport challenges for their clients in the region. Maybe the applications and aids that are developed in ITRACT could be of use for solutions that they are looking for. In the coming months NOVO and the partners of ITRACT will keep contact and look for possibilities to cooperate.





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