The accessibility of regions is a clear advantage in terms of their social-economic development. With new technologies, such as satellite and integrated sensor networks, transport and accessibility of remote areas can be improved in innovative ways. We intend to develop and test innovative tools for efficient, user- and environment-friendly transport networks across the NSR. Our aim is to create sustainable and inclusive regional economies and communities throughout the North Sea Region by improving the virtual and physical modes of transport on a large scale.

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ITRACT movie as presented at the Final Conference 2015, and in addition: 

ITRACT video made by Jade University 2014.

The ITRACT project has during 2013 moved from the early stage of investigating the need of the regions and brainstorming how to answer the prioritized issues. Now apps designed to be building blocks are under development. These apps shall utilize wifi communication to improve the public transport issues in the participating regions. We expect the regions to test and utilize the apps in various ways depending on the need in each region. 

A main issue for 2014 is to investigate impact of the apps to utilize wifi communication to improve the public transport issues in the participating regions. This is described as pilots.

In 2013 ITRACT was extended. The extension has a partly overlapping set of partners, its own goals and workpackages, but will merge with the original ITRACT in work and reporting. Due to this expect newsletters, brochure, and this website was changed and updated.

 ITRACT is funded by the European Union.

Final ITRACT conference in Groningen, Netherlands.  February 4-5 2014.


The ITRACT priject group assembled in Groningen, Nertherlands, November 2014.

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Dirk Strijker held the operning speech in Groningen November 13th, 2014

An important question is how better information by new technology may improve peoples perseption of the public communication and therefore as a consequence improive the quality of life and businesses in rural areas.

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The ITRACT project ended Mars 2015.

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